Come Away With Me

I call to you to come with me
To that log cabin in the woods.
To listen to the birds mating call
Though time has taken its place
Leaving sweet memories behind.

Come away with me
To that log cabin in the woods
We'll sit on the porch holding hands
Unfolding the creases of times, watching
Winter rob fruits from the trees, and
Bride innocently surrendering to the groom

I can discern gray eyes squinting in the haze
Worry not my dear, the never aging stars light
Bright the sheet like the moon light up the sky
Sun casts its smile across the sky at dawn.

My dear, the world is what it is
In sanity and madness, we shall
Live life as we should, to do so,
I ask you to come away with me to
Our log cabin in the woods

August 12,2008

by Almedia Knight Oliver

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