AC (06-04-1974 / Olsztyn, Poland)

Come Back To Bed

I’ wish to know
Why you don’t want
To stop me at all
On this way to you
Which I chose
Some time ago
As you know

How do you like
This transmission to your heart?
Could you make love to me
In your dream?

Oh, yes
I want to be undressed
For you today
I want to show you
All these little steps
You could find
To make me feel so fine

Don’t you know yet?
What should you do?
I’ll show you

So watch me
I’m here waiting
Please come back to bed
Did you forget
How it is nice to be
So in love with me?

Because you were
I remember well
What you can give
To me,
My lovely man again

So watch me,
I’m here you can touch
But please don’t hurry up
And try to not forget
About all these
Little part of me
Which are not always
So hot
Oh, yes I know
How it’s nice
To feel your touch
To feel your lips
So sweet
Every little inch of me
Is hungry

It is so many years
Between us, darling
How do you feel with me?
What do you think?
Can you tell me your wish?
What can I do for you?
Oh, how it is nice
When I feel your touch,
You know you can ask
And you can get
Whatever you wish
You are my King
So, yes
Don’t hesitate and
Come to bed
To me, so bare, so missing
I need your lesson again
I need it so bad
Please come back
I’m waiting for you
My teacher of love

by Anna Cellmer

Comments (5)

This is a beautifully painted expression of love..... a beautiful creation with reflections of purity.... very well written Anna! ! You deserve a 10 for handling a complex subject so delicately.
This one hits home.... very familiar
A wonderful poem Anna which talks to you! ...regards........willow
A marvellous poem, Anna. One which rings true! Regards David
beautifully written the emptyness of a bed alone is hard to imagine unless one has been there