Come, Cooperate With Me

Come, cooperate with me
We will build the country
Clean India, my dear.
Come let us go on the path
Of development, Come my
Brothers and sisters
Let not fall the lives in hell.
Too late it is, See the sun in the east
Lights are in the courtyard
And all are busy in their duties.
Come, please come and cooperate with me,
We will be together, we will not fall
No one can say we are separated.
Forget your caste religion creed
And birth and come and engaged
Yourself in the service of the mother
And the motherland without fear or favor.

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (3)

Build the country. Build friendships. Build goodwill. Never think that progress comes out of destruction. Thank you Gajananji for delivering a powerful message.
together anything is possible alone not much the secret to success togetherness nice work gajanan
Come and cooperate in the service of the mother and the mother-lands, my dear friends, They are more than heaven. THE EARTH IS OUR MOTHERLAND] KEEP IT CLEAN AND SAVE: STAY IN PEACE HERE]