(2/18/94 / some where in this universe muhahaha)

Come Down This Road

Past this place in the road,
You shall see many people carying great load,
You may think to help, or just pass by,
It is up to you to know why.
Why you pass, why you stay,
But, caeful, from this road do not stray.
They shall show you how to learn how to know.
Some shall have their load taken, yet some shall never go,
The pain of it, the pain of trying.
Yet none shall know what it's like to be dying,
The laod shall never be gone, yet it could be lifted.
Each is different, each is gifted,
To your mind it is a burden, to your sould it is a part of you
You can not trade, for your soul is who you are, you can't start new.
As you travel down this road you will see,
That where it ends,
is eternity.

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i like it. nice poem.... keep writing.