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Come Fly With Me...

Now, I've never been one
to speak out of school
Or just say things
to be hurtful and cruel
But I gotta tell you this
enough is enough
I've had it up to here
with this terrorism stuff

You can't get on a plane
without removing your shoes
While they x-ray your bags
looking for clues
Anything suspicious
and they'll check twice
a cigarette lighter is
a threatening device

And don't get me started
on a fingernail file
So forget about a manicure
as you pass the while
waiting and wasting
and watching the clock
just to stand in line again
and be part of the flock

Now it's really a shame
it has to be this way
But there's no way around it
That's what they say
They can't discriminate
and it's too hard to tell
which guy in the line
can't wait to get to Hell

Well I'll take that job
I'll give it a try
I can tell when a man
is anxious to die
Oh, I know what you're thinking
not politically correct
But come on people
you know who to suspect

But let's not talk about that
I won't go there
That's stereotyping
and that's not fair
So here's my idea
how easy we could make it
eliminate this nonsense
and just fly naked.

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