Come, Garland Me

If you wish to take your vows
In dreams alone
You must also make love to me
In your solitary dreams.

But if you want to see your dreams
See the Light of the Day
You must take one step out
Of your dark secret cocoon
And embrace Day Light.

Come, garland me
With the flowers of your desire
And let me spread you out too
On my flower bed of passion
And start worshipping you, my Love
With the smoldering flames
And the eternal hymns
Which have started playing
Within my heart
Since the red scorched nights
Of Last Summer.

by Tapan

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Your poems were part of the climate that helped me write a few of my recent things, so thank you. I revised my comment below and posted it as a poem on my page. I thought of writing: /inspired by poems of Smt Hemangi Tapan Pradhan/ underneath, . However, I realized that use of your name might be taken as intrusive.
She helps me peer through the twilight air Now I can patiently gather in faint outlines Steps of an elephant echo her resolve A blackbird trills her morning's freshness She lends delight to shimmering ripples For I have watched highlights in her hair I am amazed by all the signs I recognize From an arrow's flight away I know her swing and sway Rounding a corner I see her suddenly My stomach falls like a bucket in a well Whatever strikes me I store up to tell her All I know will be brought around to her Her talk and nearness planted a lens in me I am besotted with aiming it at everything
How sad are those who hammer their dream-stuff into armor or other implements, for its iridescence is best shown when it leaps leaps alive from our hands. In the Light of Day, desire is garlanded by music and flirtation and homemaking. It is garlanded by all proofs of prowess at bringing a love-creature into being.