Come Go With Me

Hey, I have this friend
He's invited me to
Come to his mansion
He said, I could bring you

He lives in this place
I'm sure you've not been
It's like none other
Not built by man

His door is always open
He loves to fellowship
Come go with me
All paid, It's a free trip

He would like to have a feast
If he can get everyone to come
I'm inviting you
Could you invite someone

We will take the morning train
To a place called Glory land
Conductor yells, Glory bound
As he puts out his hand

Have all tickets ready
Already bought and paid
We'll be leaving on time
This trains never late

Our host awaits us
His mansion sparkles in awe
I promise you this will be
The most beautiful thing you ever saw

He even has security
I've been told by my source
Some says he's Secret Service St. Peter
The most elite of all the force

He has his own singers
That serenade him all day long
He says feel free to join in
But no one knows the songs

He has a magnificent table prepared
With everything you could eat
But wait one minute
Is that you know who, mine enemy

Before we can enter in
This great big heavenly place
He says we must forgive
Every color, gender, and race

He says there will be no fighting
Allowed in this place
We all must get along
Each and every face

I guess that's not much to ask
In exchange for all we'll see
Well, there is another thing
I have to believe he died for me

That won't be hard to do
I know he's a friend I can trust
So whatever he says
I know will be a must

He says we can take anyone
He welcomes everyone
I want to be sure to take my family
I'm not sure how many's going

I've heard this will be the last
Big hurrah that he throws
It's RSVP, come as you are
He has attire for everyone that goes

He has everything planned out
Upon waiting your arrival
All the directions needed
He says is in your bible

by Lagaya Evans

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Nice job; I've got a poem with a similar theme entitled 'Heavenly Invitation'.