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Come & Go
AKT (8-3-68 / Memphis, Tn.)

Come & Go

Poem By Allen Keith Turner

Does your love for me, come & go
Is it just something you say?
To me, love is what YOU don't show
when you say, maybe 'One Day'!

I searched so much, just for you
Turns out you didn't want me to!
Imagine the heartbreak, & how it hurt so
Thought I was lost, turned out I was let go!

I need more love, than you have for me
to make my life, more than complete!
I want more love, than your willing to give
So what should I do, & how will I live?

Long ago you closed your eyes, to me
I will be here, when your ready to see.
Don't be afraid to look my way
I will be here waiting for my 'One Day'! ! !

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