Come, Hold My Hand

'Come, hold my hand! ' the angel said, 'I'll lead you to a land
The Chosen Few alone must tread the day they understand
That God is love and so much more than human souls could sense
The day they open up the door... forgiven... now His friends...'
And so the angel led me there and proved my gallant guide
As I intently spoke a prayer, yet stared, eyes open wide!
'Behold the Tree of Life God made so many years ago!
Behold the ancient leaves that fade and yet by faith they grow!
Behold God's rainbow-like raptures 'twixt Heaven and the Earth!
How beautifully its light captures His holiness and worth!
Behold God's mountain borne of gold - its glory shames the sun!
Yet it's as nothing to Christ's fold - God's Shepherd loves each one!
Behold God's angels soaring high in perfect unison,
Their energy is God's supply - His gift to every one! '
'These sights, ' I said, 'Are not enough! It's Jesus I would see!
For Jesus is the Lord I love! The King of Calvary!
I've felt each blow, His cross of woe, six hours 'neath the sky!
I only know, I love Him so, who for my soul would die! '
The angel said, 'Your heart speaks true! I'll lead you to His Throne!
The day of death I'll fly you to the final vision shown...'

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