Come Home

Will we ever come home?
We the wanderers?
Isn't there a spark of hope?
We the aspirants?
Far away our journey gone,
Chasing after the wind of success.
Trying to achieve what we desire,
So our future will suffer less.
Just to make life comforting,
Our journey endless.
Will we ever come home?
O! We the aspirant?
We live with a focus that has a cause.
We live with a goal
Yet to pass the Achiever's goalpost.
What do we want?
The fulfilment of our desire.
We have left our homes,
We know where we are heading to!
So we tell our intrepid heart.
This is how we know our identity.
When our culture becomes our heredity.
Running in our blood with every principle there is.
And eventually becomes the only gift passed to us.
But we are loosing this focus,
Little foxes creeping in our minds.
Will we ever come home?
O! We the aspirant?
Like the soldiers heart,
Trying to make peace prevail,
So we struggle hard.
Not knowing when the war will end.
But peace we hope will come in the end.
Our song is full of hope,
When in the pasture land we graze to stay fit and strong.
But the surviving rate is depreciating
Cos the fittests among us lying below the ground some digit feet.
And now we live in their glory,
Their blessings has become our favour.
And now we taking things for granted without focus.
The things of the world becoming our priority and many factors.
No place for "Him" in our hearts who created us.
O! Will we ever come home?
We the Aspirants!
Look at our foot print,
Look at His.
We used to walk together.
Discussing issues of His mystery.
Revealing to us the puzzle out of our curiosity.
But look at us,
We the aspirants.
Who walks beside us now?
Don't we feel the voidness of the road?
Look at how they treat us,
Like vagabonds.
Look at how we wander,
Like sheep without a shepherd.
We have forgotten who we are,
Cos We have left our first love afar.
We are out of the Royalty
Cos there is nothing good in our Loyalty.
Our paths does not fit Him.
Lets Go back!
Still waiting where we left Him.
Cos that's our home.
All we ever want to achieve is in Him.
Cos He's our Hope.
Forget how far we have gone,
Just a step will bring us closer to God..
Cos He's arms are wide open to welcome us.
O! we the Aspirants
Will we ever come home?
When there's a spark of love still left?
Yes we can!
Cos this is not our home.

by Clekxy Toth

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