Come Home

Poem By micheal udenyi

At the age of three
life in Enugu wasn't too good
even as a child
i felt the pains

Mother went cold
to the great beyond
had to be buried
at home town we all agreed

All to the village
i felt exalted
finally we arrived
with pretended smiles as we were well recieved

Mothers body laid
to rest in peace
on the 7th day after death
too tender to notice
the lose of a dear one

sympathizers were much
as well as pretenders
and a child haven lost nothing
i felt on top of the world
as i recieved them with open arms

Six years at home
with long suffering and hard labour
i felt hell for i was terribly bored
all alone with so much work at home

Miraculously back at Enugu
for the best two years of my life
enjoyed the fatherly love
and wished it never came to an end

As fate may have it
my okpara took me to PortHarcourt
for seven terrible years
and not a single day of joy

Worked all day and toiled all night
an okpara who wished me good
made life too terrible for me
i wished to go home

On transfer to Abuja
for educational reasons
rolled from frying pan
right into the hottest spot of the fire

So i was rolled into the hands
of a pharocious brother
all this while i wished to go home
i kept wishing for so long

Now two years in Abuja
and still there seems to be no hope
i have no choice
rather than to hope

Each night in my dreams
i hear a soft voice
singing relentlessly in my ears
''wandering child
please come home''

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