Come Together

So many nights spent alone
Just starring at the ceiling
Deeep inside this heart of mine
There's so much that I'm feeling

So many times when I just cried
Times when I'd just reminisce
Thinking of the years gone by
Knowing, that some I really miss

Life has not been easy
Another test to take it always seems
But I've never given up
Or thrown away my dreams

But as time passes me
Things get a little better
I feel one day my whole world
Will somehow all come together

by Ray Hansell

Comments (5)

I also felt, its talking about Autism
This is really great seems to me it talks about someone who is ill and the apeal of friend to bring them back to life....Im touched
this is almost flawless.
i thought it was very good indeed! !
A fine expression of the space, the place, between the love we have to give and the love that can be received. Just what tears apart so many poems on this site! Congratulations.