Come Home With Me

I see you there standing alone
So lonely, so broken
Hollow inside you search
Search for a guide
To take you to unknown places
To Comfort you, to hold you close
To take you home

Your face stays emotionless
Your eyes stay fixed to the wall
No sign of life
But yet you look so life-like
With your rosy cheeks
And your joyful smile

Come home, Come home with me
I’ll comfort you, I’ll hold you
So tightly, so lovingly
I’ll take you to unknown places
I’ll let you stay forever
We’d play games
We’d dance and sing
We’d share secrets
We’d be best friends

Still you sit there,
Alone and unhappy
Still with the same hollow smile
Still with eyes of no emotion
That’s when I realised
This figure was not my friend
Nor could it be
It couldn’t play games
Couldn’t dance nor sing
Couldn’t have secrets
And sadly
It couldn’t be my best friend
Because it was;
A thing of no life
A thing of pure hollowness
A thing that couldn’t live
Nor die..

I leave you alone
And go home
Wishing I had stayed
Wishing we could be friends
But we couldn’t
Because you weren’t real
You were just a plastic doll

by jodi right

Comments (5)

I also felt, its talking about Autism
This is really great seems to me it talks about someone who is ill and the apeal of friend to bring them back to life....Im touched
this is almost flawless.
i thought it was very good indeed! !
A fine expression of the space, the place, between the love we have to give and the love that can be received. Just what tears apart so many poems on this site! Congratulations.