Come Into My Parlor

I feel I've been eaten by a thousand instant worms
wailing in the sounds of written horrors
flickering in a hollow gait, it starts to snow around
my shoulders.
Shaking his head, it's much too cold.
Quietly creeping up my bottom leg
right at the foot of my bed.
"I have a little something I'd like to show you"
it's closer now
coming towards my breath
the whispers are shrouded in strands of black hair
softly choking, he crawls up my shimmering door
waiting patiently
he lights a candle in the wake of spilled rain
through the mouth of something dead
dizziness surrounds the gloom
pushing my bed into his corner, red ribbons flow
from the window.
softly now, come into my parlor

by Laurie Christenson

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