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Come On And Go With Me
JP (26 Nov 1979 / Houston, Texas)

Come On And Go With Me

Poem By Jason PraTT

come on and go with me for a moment
if you would please, there’s nothing
special about this trip, except for your
company that i require for the duration
of the pleasure that only you can provide
you might think this as a temporary bliss
that our bodies long to share, but it isn’t
it is something more in depth, that holds
a much more special meaning for me
this is my sentimental gesture as our
bodies lay in each other’s arms, naked
and peaceful under the sounds of slumber
and the outside winds, while the winter
breezes pass along the windowpane
as we sleep, oblivious to the rest of
the world, filled with chaos and hell
praying for heaven and God’s forgiveness
while our heaven resides in this simple
non-sexual act, although it might be
deemed as a sin to others that may not
understand this need that i need of you

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