I'm Blest (Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love)

Of all of God's creation
I love you foremost
Tower of inspiration
And kindness utmost

Providing motivation
Giving me support
Helping ease frustration
With friendly comfort

I'm frozen by your beauty
Melted with your touch
In your arms I long to be
I love you so much

Even after many a year
The love of my life
You're the one I hold most dear
Blest you are my wife

Written for and dedicated to my beautiful wife, who I now understand why, I wish both you and I would have known, but it was all for the best, it was all part of His plan. I'm sorry, forgive me.

© 2011

by Udiah (witness to Yah)

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this book is i rather eat off of someones head
the wisest words are often spoken in jest, but how true only time will tell?
..........this poem made me laugh...so funny: p
Very funny and witty poem that give tribute to grandfathers. Skillful, crafty and prolific write!
Great is my regret that you have left us, witty truth always makes the finest poems, every one a little gem but non truer than this ode to alzheimers