Butterfly Fields

An acre of land hidden from all
Down a dirt road my car had to stall
Flooded the engine no help in sight
Fearing I'd be there well into the night

Looking up and what do I see
Butterfly fields beckoning me
Hundreds of these colorful creatures
Dashing about as flower field seekers

This parcel of land so tucked away
Created for me a glorious day
Sitting amongst a wild flower cover
Butterfly kisses in so many colors

Eloquent purity riches of nature
Golden soaked field’s nature my teacher
Colorful beauty as a tender caress
Realizing just how much I am blessed

If for a moment one could gleam
Flight of a butterfly is pure and clean
Sunsets red mist streaks the evening sky
My sad heart lifted was God‘S reply

Stranded moments now a hand carved day
Colored me in grace as butterflies played
Hands of God molded this potter’s clay
Details of beauty missed as we look away

What visual beauty surrounded you today
Dark skies or did a rainbow make your day
A gentle touch or a child’s laughter
Keep your eyes on greener pastures

Copyright ©2005 Carole Cookie Arnold

by Carole Cookie Arnold

Comments (5)

this book is i rather eat off of someones head
the wisest words are often spoken in jest, but how true only time will tell?
..........this poem made me laugh...so funny: p
Very funny and witty poem that give tribute to grandfathers. Skillful, crafty and prolific write!
Great is my regret that you have left us, witty truth always makes the finest poems, every one a little gem but non truer than this ode to alzheimers