Come On The Bright Side

A fool will say its hell on earth
Nothing but dread and tears
Trouble and strife often from birth
A plague of constant fears

I see the world, it’s countless harms
It’s shadowed streets at night
It’s wayward dark and luring charms
Tempting a child of Light

I see the rebel breaking rules
The wilful sheep astray
The obstinate, the selfish fools
Shunning the light of day

But life’s bejewelled with love and cheer
Sunshine upon my face
I’m more than blessed just being here
Walking in peace and grace

Through Heaven's love, I’ve seen The Light
The Truth of Christ divine
I’ve changed my rags for robes of white
Since true salvation's mine

Its Heaven to walk with Christ as Lord
Paradise night and day
I’ve thrown away my worldly sword
Contentment shines my way

No longer am I walking dead
With turmoil doubt and fear
I’ve taken up my cross instead
Without a single tear

Since Jesus changed my heart of stone
Since Heaven came to dwell
Many a friend before unknown
Has helped me walk from hell

by Michael P. Johnson

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