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Come Out
TR (1995/08/19 / limpopo)

Come Out

Poem By thabang ramafhi

''knock'' ''knock''
i don't want to come in,
i want you to come out,
For your writing your story on a wet page,
sitting in the discomfort golden cage.
Protecting your selfless, self image,
with girls in relationship you engage.
your still stuck in the golden age,
let the curtain raise, for your stage.

''Knock'' ''knock''
I'm not a thief,
for a thief never comes through a door and knock.
I Just happen to be a shepherd of a flock,
who ''want to just have a small talk''.
for from your true-self you hide,
my brother, my sister
i want you to call against the tide,
and swallow that worthless pride
or just push it aside,
and come out.

with your true lover, walk side by side.
You lied i know and you have tried,
but your still stuck inside,
come out to me outside
Its easy just, like a bean seed sprout,

Be jolly, and colorful like a rainbow'
for like a feather on water, time flows.
take it slow, in time in their head it will grow,
for they say'' god did not create a Adam n Steve,
nor Saddam and Eve''
that closet, i beg you to leave,
my family i never and wont misperceive,
so let my words be the gospel you believe.
from those chains relieve yourself
brother, sister

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