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Come Sit At My Side

Come sit by my side
My mate did say,
So, we can talk about things
Before it is yesterday.
We can talk about us
Or we both can just sit and smile
If you would only come by,
And sit for a while.
Let us forget about our worries
And our child and work for one day,
Let us think about us once again
Because time quickly passes away.

Come sit by my bed
My mate cried on,
Because the more that I think
The quicker time passes on.
What's the greatness of victory
If no one comes to see you win,
And what's the might in any wealth
If no one knows where you had been.
Tomorrow it is my enemy
While today and yesterday a friend,
Let us talk and enjoy each other for a while
Before the coldness enters the wind.

Come sit by my side,
My mate asked me so true,
We can talk about anything that you want
If only you would say that you love me too.
I will tell you all of my secrets
Even the ones that no one else does know,
Then you will understand
That you are a part of my soul.
Sadly, I never came and sat at her side
In those days that she use to crave,
Now I am alone, and I always cry
Because, now I go and I sit by her grave.

Randy L. McClave

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