Come Skating

They said come skating;
They said it's so nice.
They said come skating;

by Shel Silverstein Click to read full poem

Comments (17)

They said come skating; It sounded nice…. I wore roller- They meant ice. /// it's beautiful through fun
Pure Humour at its best - that's Shel Silverstein!
A beautiful poem having interesting inscription with humor has been well executed by Shel Silverstein. It is nice choose this as the modern poem of the poem of the day.
laughably amazing, a good way to start the day!
Sweet write.A thrilling one till the end. Read and laughed.Congrats.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA! Such HUMOR. Amazing funny poem. CONGRATULATIONS on The Classic Poem Of The Day. Hurray! All my responses are for the family of the late poet. Thank you.
Pure humor, bit cynical poem, but after all, this is poetry at its ironical. The more I read about this Classic Poet, the more I know him. Amazing words he oft wrote, but simple. CONGRATULATIONS on being chosen as The Modern Poem Of The Day. Hurray!
Very it!
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Suspense unfolds in an interesting way in the end. Pure humour. Adorable poem. Thanks.
hahahahahahahahaha- -I love his sweet humor, no hate, no mud throwing, just fun
Enjoying the muse of life! Thanks for sharing.
Short and enjoyable. Like to read again and again.Thanks for sharing.
Yah it's so nice skating, even I don't know how to. Nice poem
Loved the poem of misinterpretation.
Such a pretty poem by Shel Silverstein...........................
wonderful always like this greatness