(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Come Smile At Me Again

Come smile at me
come smile at me again.
And use the only smile you have,
the selfless and exquisite one.
And keep your eyes on me.
I'd like to study
the nuances of your smile.

Come look at me.
Come look at me again.
And use the only look you have:
The one of pure
Manuka Honey.
And keep your look on me.
I'd like to study
all the markings on your face.

Come close to me.
Come close to me again.
And hold your warm and tender body close to mine.
Come closer yet.
I'd like to study
and hope to never graduate.

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Comments (3)

waiting for the selfless and exquisite smile is just beautiful...
Thank you - and SHE leaves me speechless - it's a wonder I am writing at all.
Another poem to leave me... speechless! .....I love it.