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(((Come The Dawn)))
TTO ( / Washington State)

(((Come The Dawn)))

The darkness crept in-slinking
'Cross the creaking maple floors
And in the distance the wind 'twas groaning
While the blackbirds were cackling at the doors

The trees in the forest black were whispering
Branches were snapping at vampire bats
Dracula came out of hiding in a lust for blood
And the grounds of the estate were covered with black cats

'Round the corner came a forboding
A lost and most frightening glare of a stare
'Twas the wolf of 'Oberon's Ghost'*
Howling at the full moon with care

And as the night progressed to dawn
But before the first light of day
The undead ran for daytime cover
As the world turned a bleaker shade of gray

Slowly disappearing 'tis the Sun
The ghouls have worked their vile spells
Preparing the Earth for a 24/7 place of darkness
Inviting in all of the evil spirits of Hell

* Oberon
The wraith from my dark poem
Called The Castle on Starlitecafe

June 7,2009

From: The ***Attic Of My Heart

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Wow this is interesting theo