Come To Dubai

Not bloody likely I'll come to Dubai.
When I endured the 14-hour 'red-eye'
flights to Arabia and back,
I was much younger.
I'm retired now.
It has rained every day
for a week, here. Hmm.
I may prefer this to Arabia.
The only flower I ever saw
flourish in Arabia was
climbing over the walls
which surrounded houses.
My flowers are growing ardently –
you would envy the view
from the window at which I sit.
I am envious of your being
able to gape at Dubai.
What an incredible exercise of
the human imagination,
to build a city upon the sea!
Well you watch out for the
Halliburton folks.
They're not nice people.
All good wishes to you.
We're trying to bring down
the Bush regime here, but it's hard work.


Dedicated to Will Barber.

by Arsiema Berhane

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