Come To Me

Poem By Vallerie Lobell

Meet me at the park again,
On the sunrising side where we sat when,
My love was blooming, I sat there so unassuming,
The passersby had not a clue, of how I was adoring you,

The pecan tree, it's leaves were turning,
Deep inside my heart a burning,
Time seemed to fly like a big city train,
Then you were gone, all that remained,

Was the essence of your noble being,
My eyes wide open yet not seeing,
Past the place I'd seen you last,
I knew then the die was cast,

Take me back to that day in Fall,
Let me stand beside you tall,
This time to while away the hours,
Come to me in shine or showers,

Comments about Come To Me

what a wonderful poem of love as pecan leaves turn the heart vto burn even the passers by didn`t know it when park was still packed by the lovers...............a unique imagery of dazzling with beauty by the colours, well penned,10/10, thanks for sharing
An excellent composition! I am sure you would enjoy Hazelmarie Elliott, especially 'Between The Now And Then.' Look forward to sharing more of your work! Thanks....
so beautiful.................
Great poem. God bless all poets-MJG.
What a nice recollection of the past day. The autumn scenery fits here wonderfully. Fall is beautiful and colorful, but it is also a bit sad - exactly like the recollection of the feeling. Jolanta

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