' Come To Me Now

Come to my calling,
Come to me now -
Sprinkle soft kisses
Here on my brow;

Whisper your longing
Into my heart,
Memories falter
When we're apart;

Open my soul with your
Passionate eyes,
Lift me to heaven
On wings of a sigh;

Sweetly embrace me,
Sing me your song,
Drench me with kisses
Breathless and long;

Oh, how I miss you
And long for your taste,
Come to me now with your love
And make haste!


by Linda Ori

Comments (7)

fJr will always be FjR :) but I think that hastening part is the most beautiful and insurmountable peak
Yes romance is alive and lives within you Linda 10 Daniel
this is such bautiful and passionate write indeed...coming from the core of your heart...but hurts me soo much, and brings back biter sweet memories of all the poems written for me by my ex, , , ...... beautiful write...thanks for this one 10++ with lots of love shan
A great expectation from a loving heart!
What if your suitor doesen't like it hastily? HAH! Smoooooooooooooooooooooth versing Midnight! And listen...slow it down a notch or two....You want this guy in your arms, or in the E.R.? FjR
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