Come To My Window

Poem By John F. McCullagh

The same folks who regulate soda size,
and cheer as our youth turn to pot,
Just passed a law in the Golden State
Let me know if you like it or not.

On the college Campus in Cali
before couples can couple you see
both parties must sign a consent form
as state bill 967 decrees.

No matter if she's your fiancee,
They don't care He's your steady or not,
It's rape if you have no consent form
There's no excuse if you forgot.

The people who championed Liberty
for the gays and the transgenderees
should stay out of straight people's bedrooms

but will they? - there's no guarantee.

Comments about Come To My Window

Wow! Very interesting! So I guess it would be to dangerous to ever experience the excitement of spur of the moment sex? Gee, hope they'll at least make some jobs come about by building an office and putting people to work by having to make citizens file these consent Great poem by the way!

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