Come To The Way Of Love

Come to the way of love, the way that's ‘right',
Don't listen to those,
Who choose the other way,
To bicker, to fight.

Don't they bleed whom you attack, for God's sake?
Don't they cry like you,
When a friend is wronged,
Or in unendurable ache?

Stop letting a Shylock be born,
In the hearts' cores,
Let mercy spread its celestial ray,
From even to morn.

The Bard's words shall act as nectar,
Since in nature the solution lies hidden,
Embroidered in love's furry threads,
Forgetting all else just go there.

Come to the way of love,
The path of truth and beauty,
Once find you shall the garden of the Hesperides,
Fight no more, embrace life like a free dove.

by Md. Ziaul Haque

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Love to humanity and pain of others can't silently looked upon. A beautiful message.