Come Unto Me

Come unto me all you who have gone astray,
And I shall protect you night and day.
For there is no need to fear,
For I am always near.
For with my love, I do care,
And you need not be scared.
For I come unto you with caring love,
Which is sent to thee from high above.
And , though at times, thou may stumble and fall,
I shall protect you when you call.
For I am the Almighty Loving God - One and True,
And when thou come unto me, I shall forever protect you.
For with your sincere and devoted love for me,
Universal peace and love shall forever be!

by Donna Marie

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Hi, I just wanted to say that there is a common thread here. mY name is Donna Marie Matthews. I have written for a good part of my life and signed many of my poems donna marie. Keep up the good work. Donna