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Come Walk With Me, A Love Poem

Come walk with me
I have been waiting for you
You are buried deep in snow in Spain
And It is warm here in Florida
Come warm my heart. Come, be with me.
We will walk on the beach on winter nights
see the moon and the stars in the sky
and woo back our old delights.

Come, come my snow bird
Come, spend the winter with me
With you I will spend the whole of spring.
I will make pancakes for you in the morning
and serve you a cup of house-blend coffee,
while you still are in the bed and I am freshening myself,
putting balm on the hickies you give me passionately.
We will linger in the bed together. My head on your shoulders,
my hands caressing your chest softly.

What would you like to do today? you will ask
To lie in the bed with you all day, I will say
and make love to you again and again
since one time is never enough for me.
I want to take all of you in me -
your heart, your soul, your whole being...

by Ravi Kopra

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