If Life Goes From Bad To Worst?

*Günter Wilhelm Grass (born 16 October 1927) is a Nobel Prize-winning German author, poet, playwright, sculptor and artist.

He was born in the Free City of Danzig (now Gdań sk, Poland) . In 1945, he came as a refugee to West Germany, but in his fiction he frequently returns to the Danzig of his childhood.

He is best known for his first novel, The Tin Drum, a key text in European magic realism and the first part of his Danzig Trilogy. His works frequently have a left wing political dimension and Grass has been an active supporter of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

If life goes from bad to worst?
Picked him by an Ambulance
And taken to the Hospital
The old Blacksmith
Who collapsed on the modern concrete road.
Hard to recognize
Either Hispanic, Asian or African
From another planet?
Anyway a Man with a coma!
Heart beat and the pulse abnormal
And much perspiration?
In his hidden pocket
Found a chit
And this was written;
'In case of emergency please contact
My next of Kin pet dog 'Zoro'
Perhaps in the Heaven who knows?
Remember once I found tears in its eye
And then I asked; 'Zoro are you not well? '
'No Master I am O.K.
Happy tears of your progress.'
Wagging his tail Zoro replied.

*for Günter Wilhelm Grass!

by nimal dunuhinga

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Sweet are her poems Sweeter they are they to recite. Try please
Sir Edmund William Gosse wrote that Emily Jane Brontë was ''so implacable in its slavery to its own principles.'' She liked to develop the form of the poetry. This poem looks like an Irregular, Cowleyan, romantic ode.Remembers me ''Intimations of Immortality'' by William Wordsworth. Both are beautiful, but I like more the Pindaric odes, more exactly the Horatian, Keatsian, or Ronsardian Odes.
This is a masterpiece in its poetic beauty and language.
Time truely parts the hearts and many other things...superb!
She resolved at once to seek her love and give the love freedom to tell itself............timeless piece so elegantly composed with personification and metaphor.........thanks for sharing
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