Come What May

Poem By Lauren Walker

Everything is different, and you are the key
Intense and strange, so foreign to me
Black & white gone, colours everywhere
Fragrances lingering in the flavoured air
Sights become more than just things to see
A sense of belonging, yet feeling so free
How did I find you - love that astounds
Silence speaks volumes, no need for sound

Flying yet falling, so scared of the heights
Praying you feel it, hoping I'm right
Lost in emotions in so many ways
I don't have a map to get out of this maze
My life was so set, so ordered & bland
Head down, straight forward, everything planned
Life happened to others while I watched in awe
Then you - the one I was put here for

Every nerve end tingles, hairs stand on end
Looking into your eyes, lover, best friend
We face the unknown, but together we're strong
We'll dance to the music, and sing every song
Lets go on the journey, and see what we find
As long as I'm with you then let the road wind

So many words to really just say
My darling I love you - come what may

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Lovely poem for your partner, well written,

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