Come With Me

Poem By Amy Murtagh

Come with me
Place your hand in mine
You’ve been wanting to get away
And now is the time
Meet me at twelve
When everyone is asleep
This is our little secret
Can you keep it?
We’ll load up the car
With whatever you want to load
Whatever you think that you’ll need
For the road
So get up and get dressed
We’re leaving this place
Put on your boots
And put on your face
Beyond the horizon -
Something better, I know it

This war of attrition
Has grown old
And standing our ground
Has grown old

So come with me
Put your hands in mine
If you want out
Then now is the time
Sit up front ‘cause I need you
To be my eyes
Someone to hold my hand
As we drive
I’m with you
And we wont feel alone
Abandoning what we used to call home
This is for lovers running away
Save your goodbyes for the payphone
At the side of the highway

Comments about Come With Me

Enjoyed this very much has good flow.: -))
I loved this poem, its hard to describe how i feel about this one.....
Nice poem! It has that wonderful 'road movie' feel to it. Great!

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