Come Write To Me Another Song

Come write to me another song
Of breezing tune and waving melody
So much of love in it I’ll long
With freedom softly forever to be
The springs of streams go still there on
From oceans floor up to the sky blue
Until there is no more to be done
And love will be on way - aging to renew

Sweet earths come here and listen to my words
For everything is vibrant there again
You gave me summerset with flying birds
And nothing in your waves is done in vain
Wilt flowers from the fields of memory
When I was still unwritten at you shore
And life was here itself to be born free
To come and give strong for ever more

My song shall travel with you along
Till everything has streamed so interlaid
For each your whisper is always young
And never fully understood or played
Please give me songs to write to your heart
With wings and buds - to blossom every day
I must again be fresh on journey’s start
Or else your blessings shall move away

by Peter S. Quinn

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