Comeon! Stop Joking

Obsession with possessions.
And the keeping up of appearances,
To address the making of impressions...
Could lead anyone stressed,
Who is not firmly attached to a faith...
That is devoted and connects strongly to beliefs,
Releasing to decrease a depression that comes...
Felt by one with it deeply done.

All of us can not escape the facing of temptations.
All of us have a crave to taste,
Something that initiates an addiction we create.
To leave burdens that begin to weight,
A happiness thought had that slowly turns to hate.
Having success, fame, and unexpected notoriety,
Can be blamed as factors that began to start that.
And many of us come to find ourselves...entrapped!

And when these times come iot seems there is no one,
Comprehending to understand...
What having compassion can demand,
The doing to appease and please...
Others who can not believe the affect of this that leaves,
Those unaccustomed...
To wearing their undetected broken hearts,
Publicly on suspected happy sleeves.

'Come on.
It can't be 'that' bad.
You have everything I wish I had.'

~And everything you see I paid for to get,
Has never left me feeling deserving...
Of long lasting happiness.
That has not happened for me yet.~

Stop joking around.
I've never found you this depressed.
Are you working on a new routine?
And you're using me as a test? '

~It's too late.
I wish I could.
I wish you believed me and understood.~

'That's good!
That's real good.
Comeon! Stop joking.'

~I will.

*Soon and very soon,
We're all gonna see the KING.
Soon and very soon,
We're all gonna see the KING.
It's not us but the KING to decide,
How soon that day...
And what it brings.

Soon And Very Soon is an old Negro Spiritual.
Composed by: Most Negro Spirituals were spontaneously song.
Who wrote or song it first?
Unable to uncover during research.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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