Comes As Soothing As Good News

As I age in times ageless,
With those afraid to leave their youth!
I find myself discovering a wealth,
Of understanding I am handed and pursue.
And the magic of this...
Is not so much that I have aged.
It seems that I
No longer deny
My triumphs or those delays!
With a patience that has grown,
To unmask and live my life...
I find that I am the first to admit wrong,
And not to insist that I can be happily right!
Taking my time to make up my mind,
Has left a satisfaction I alone approve.
Knowing that I still try to do my best...
And doing what I damn well choose!
Realizing I am through making excuses,
For me comes as soothing as good news!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

This is wonderful Lawrence. The phontec rhymes and their placements shows that you have a great ear. I love the theme of this but also the way that the poem is executed. The language is straight-forward, but is skillfully aplied. This would sound brilliant read alound.