(11 July 1936 - / Brahmanbaria / Bangladesh)

Comes More Not

Keeping the stone of Paharpur on the left ,
crossing the canal if anyone approaches the moat,
never he comes back --- you knew it well,
nevertheless why did you allow him
to enter the heart of the hut?

They who used to dye your Shika;
They who used to bring you cock-flowers
if you once reject their hands, they won't return
in the village -- you knew it well, nevertheless you
made them float
on the water of deluge.

They who used to call you witch;
They who used to address you cobra;
Seeing whom, the pitcher on your waist
got broken into pieces; seeing whom,
you used to hide your face
why did you allow them, then, to laugh
into the black clamour of the bank of your tank ?

[Translated by Sayeed Abubakar from the book Sonali Kabin]

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