Comfort Gone With The Wind

In thine words I once found comfort

In thine arms I once found contentment

In thine mind I once lived

In thine heart I once took hold

Now in my place she walks

Walks with vigor fueled by shallow feelings

Incomparable to my own

You have always been on the forefront of my heart soul and mind, then now and forever, and I am hoping I might be on yours before I am through

Through this agony of accepting the new sets of circumstances between us

Through the agony of learning to be happy again

Knowing I am not the reason for your smile that lights up even the darkest of caves

Greed, Jealousy, Pain, Love

Four things with have brought me to ruin before your very eyes

I am not looking for pity

I am not looking for you to feel guilty

I am looking for you to be happy

I love you, therefore I must let you go

by Undureckin Schbaughts

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