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Comfort In You
LF (April 5,1986 / New Jersey)

Comfort In You

It's like a drug, that hug you hit me with everytime your arms move around my waist and your face touches mine.

I love when you hold me with your hand on my hip and my cheek on your lips, neither losing their grip.

The nearness and newness between you and me, with your hand on my knee I hope you don't see how you overwhelm me.

You trace your thoughts on my skin and I grin at the sheer emotion of the state that we're in.

So safe in your affection, which always proves true by the things that you do when it's just me and you.

When this pair we divide, I go on with my day. My thoughts take me away back to you, where I'll stay.

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Comments (3)

Isn't it wonderful to feel comfort in the arms of another. You've expressed that feeling nicely... well done, Lily!
he did eventually decide to let go.
lovely work lily, may he always hold you like that. 9 from me. Smiling at ya Tai