Comfort To The Deligent

Think not that you’re born low,

for your Mak’r has made ev’rything grows;

relieve not your engine,

for your Pott’r packages you with energy;

think not that you’re senseless,

for your Frath’r has given you Solomon’s senses;

pride not myself,

for your Creator creates beings to praise you;

gath’r not food for yourself alone,

for your Provid’r gives you food to feed the needy;

weep not again and again in vain,

for your Consol’r shall comfort you

with which you shall comfort oth’rs;

think not you’re born barren,

for your Lord is a Fruitful Being;

Hasty not unnecessary,

for your miraculous days have come;

fall not to rise,

for you’re in this world to fall and rise again.

While you’re down with nothing,

your God is up for something.

by Eche Ononukwe

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