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Comfort Zone

We don’t like leaving our comfort zone
It is the place that we call home
Outside it is a strange, strange place
Where we don’t recognise anyone’s face

Your little nest is a charming abode
Unless it’s feathered with poisonous toads
Then I’m afraid you’ll have to venture forth
You may have to go a little west of north

You’re very reluctant to leave your armchair
Always need much more time to prepare
So you will have to be prodded and nudged
Otherwise you will not be budged

After what seems like a long eternity
You start off out on your exciting journey
And eventually arrive at your new destination
Finally coming to a wondrous realisation

That your new hangout is really groovy
Even better than in the movies
It’s fresher, cheaper with its own little drawbridge
And best of all you’re no longer in bondage

(Sydney, Australia - 2003)

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I'll stay in my comfort zone, filled with as many toxins as I can get. I'll be sure that I'm in bondage so secure, I'll never escape from my grave to be.