I will ask you no more.
An answer settles the question.
Let myriad questions remain in air.
Thirst is larger than the river.

Silence! Ghosts are walking.
You can hear footfalls of time,
past is peeping from the windows.

Dyslexic kids are not able to decipher,
the code of gifts, the sweet tongue.
Powerless hands are tied behind the back
and neck is broken with precision.

The rape of fragrance,
petals are curling up to storm,
flying homeless in sky without speech,
ceaselessly searching instead–ness.

Half-burnt bodies for feast, roasted dreams
for taste.
But for fire, a single tear drop
frozen on the cheeks of mercy.

by Satish Verma

Comments (21)

He sleeps the fatest that he wept before. Marvelous conceptualization and so is the whole poem. Thanks for sharing it here.
Total surrender of soul to the god seems to be the theme the poem carries and it is marvelously expressed.
Lovely poem indeed. Please correct mo to me (line 5) . I have also seen this poem punctuated differently- do we have an editio princeps?
Line 5: mo should be me.
Great job about comfort.
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