Chuppa Chuppi

Where is Neil? Is he in the kitchen
Is he hiding behind the curtain
Or is he hiding under the table
I know you are playing this game.

But this is not done Dhya
It's me whom you have to search.
You are playing the other way.
Dhya Dhya, I'm still searching for that ray.

Right from when I was in my Mamma's tummy
I heard you my dear granny.

The first time when we met, I know it was you.
Your tears that fell on me, were a few.

The day I came to your house.
It was decked up with my favorite Mickey Mouse.

You wrote my name in golden words.
In terrace we stood and saw the singing birds.

You made my mother sing.
Feeding me is her only sort of a hobby or something.

You made my Daddy dance
Who did well, all by chance,

If I was the apple of your eye.
You were the soul of my Ajja, who's otherwise so shy.

I loved to snatch your lovely bindi
Few words I learnt from you, were in Hindi.

Every new game we played
Every new song we danced
You made me feel, I'm the prince
I keep thinking ever since
Why are you still playing that game?
You are supposed to search me and call my name.

Dhya Dhya please come back,
Now I can keep all my cars in a rack.

by Priyanka Deshpande

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Comments (21)

He sleeps the fatest that he wept before. Marvelous conceptualization and so is the whole poem. Thanks for sharing it here.
Total surrender of soul to the god seems to be the theme the poem carries and it is marvelously expressed.
Lovely poem indeed. Please correct mo to me (line 5) . I have also seen this poem punctuated differently- do we have an editio princeps?
Line 5: mo should be me.
Great job about comfort.
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