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Comfortable In My Skin...Not So Much In Your Boots
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Comfortable In My Skin...Not So Much In Your Boots

Poem By Akua Achampong

I walked a mile in your boots,
But they weren't for me.
They blistered my feet and made them bleed.

You spent a day in my skin,
But it didn't quite fit.
You stretched it, misused it and it made you itch.

I lived a day with you; your boots my skin.
And it wasn't so painful to do.
So whereas I'm not so comfortable in your boots,
I'm perfectly fine with you.

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Comments (2)

Very intriguing. I like this poem, well done. :)
This is an interesting-parable, I guess one could say. You're a good writer, don't get me wrong! You use a *literal* image of boots, to describe your experience of the other person; then a *metaphorical* image of skin (because we can't literally 'get inside one another's skin') , to describe his/her experience of you. Reading the poem, I tried to muse on whether you're suggesting some difference in the quality of the two people's experiences-that you described with different kinds of images-and things got fuzzy for me.