Comforted By Knowing It

We are the...
'I'm-gonna-do-that-tomorrow' people.
We would put off a breath,
If it did not mean we had to inhale...
To exhale in the process.

Yes we are.
And comforted by knowing it.
Only to praise someone else who gets something done,
As either intelligent, lucky or brave!
Or all threee if that person happens to live in a small town.
Complete with professional gossipers...
And those practicing their sanctity during the holidays.

We are the...
'I'm-gonna-do-that-tomorrow' people.
Full of ourselves and our beliefs.
Trying to convince ourselves,
How wonderful we are...
If only we worked harder at being honest,
Things would get accomplished so much easier!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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'work harder at being honest'! well said, Lawrence...i admire your frank bold poetic acumen...ten votes