IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)


We understand the time must come
when one of us will have to leave.
The when not ours to command
but for our comfort we believe.

That we will surely meet again
in future lives, yet to be
as surely as we’ve met before
in lives hidden from memory.

Sometimes we’ve lived as man and wife.
In other lives played different roles.
No cause for jealousy or strife.
Pure love connects our kindred souls.

I have loved you since time began
though sometimes we are separate.
We come together when we can
which gives us cause to celebrate.

Each soul created has to learn
by hard experience usually.
Through each successive life in turn
until we reach maturity.

True love dies not it cannot do
love grants us immortality.
I state what we believe is true.
That we go on eternally

Though others may hold different views.
Derived from what they have been taught.
I think each one of us must choose.
Whatever offers us comfort.


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Comments (4)

Pure love surely does connect our kindred souls Ivor - a memorable reading. Thank you.
Hi ivor, True love never dies. You and Irene, will be together for all eternity. Beautiful Poetry......'Enjoyed'
A very touching poem, written with love and understanding of life's many turns... *10 *
Poetry at it's best Ivor, Beautiful thoughts here and it's what I believe also, when you meet your soul mate, together you are one for the rest of time...10