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Coming Back Home
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Coming Back Home

Poem By Cez S.G.

Wandering through the wilderness, her soul feeling restless
Not knowing where to go, not minding where the path is heading
Narrow roads unending, winding even entrancing
Trails hold a mystery, inviting and hypnotizing
Curiosity precedes her, excitement reeling.

The beginning of an intriguing journey seems exhilarating
Chilling winds, wild flowers, falling leaves, trees and darkness
Captivating landscapes, rivers, and boulders
Occasional drizzle that gives life to the parched surroundings
Sunlight that most of the time hampered by the thickness of the wilds.

She takes in the experience without looking back
Unable to resist the grandeur of the unknown
The beauty of the landscape and the sky's splendor unfold
Exploring furthermore, unminding the uneasiness of every encounter
Forgetting herself, drowning in the limbo.

Somewhere, glimpses of light looks bright
Yet its glow looks lifeless and deceptive
Nothing captivating, not even attention-grabbing
Its promise lacks lustre and worthiness of possibilities
Glimmers of tears threatening, what is happening to her?

Loneliness is setting in
Suddenly, the wilderness is clouded with mist
The once adoring scenery is now covered with uncertainty
The promise of beauty is gone and bare, to say the least
Emptiness is overwhelming, echoing and bouncing.

She wakes up with a jolt
Alas, the path that she so eagerly sauntered
Is not, after all, hers to discover
Tracing back her footsteps; she hesitates, staggers and fall over
But the promise of comfort drives her to totter back home.

Journey of confusion ends with a welcoming warmth
Tears engulf her as love awaits her return
Blunders and imperfections exonerated
No more worries, no more doubts about the future
Grimes of wandering washed with pure acceptance.

Home is where she belongs
Where love is abundant, boundless and unpretentious
Her treasures are not found beyond her abode
Her dwelling is in the presence of her partner and child
Life is a challenge, but incomplete without them.

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