(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Coming Down Now

It was a long way down,
not all of us had that far
and to go into such turbulence,
what did not help at all was
that snowflakes naturally are
not what you would call substantial,
or heavy, so we are at the mercy
of winds, other flakes, hail, drops
of rain, even the rare bird out
and about in the freezing weather.
But what makes it all worth it,
really worth it is the how shall I say
wonderful smile on the faces of
the thousands of children and, of course,
the grown-ups, who are just as happy,
although a bit more reserved about it.
So, when I get there, there isn't the slightest
the most miniscule doubt about it,
I am most welcome. Makes me feel warm.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (2)

...knows much about ph'losophy.....you do, intuitively methinks. Townfolks in my previous home call it 'grasp' I do appreciate your visits to my poems. H
Those times when we allow ourselves to shed all prior understanding of who it is we think it is we are...something magnificent happens! An awakening of sorts occurs...we step away; look back and realize we have shadowed that who were held on to believe with a greater presence.