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Coming For A Visit

In front of man they curse and swear and they also cheat,
They openly sale their souls and drugs upon any street,
Their acts and ways they don't care, as to all they will exhibit,
I guess that they knew that the Devil was coming for a visit.

What is forbidden by laws or rules some people are ready to break,
They don't care about the impact to others, to crime they are never awake,
They know what they do is evil and wrong and also very illicit,
But they don't care at all, as the Devil is coming for a visit.

They mock all christians and also their belief in heaven and also GOD,
They scream and shout that religion and church is nothing but a fraud,
Some say the Bible is wrong, and even that God does not exist,
Didn't they know soon that the Devil will be coming for a visit.

Some people will beg and plead and steal for anything they can't control,
They care not about others or the salvation of their very own soul,
For sex and drugs and iniquity some people will hungrily solicit,
Soon enough down their path, the Devil will be coming for a visit.

You cannot worship GOD in government or inside any public school,
It became the law of this land and to others it is the perfect law and rule,
Saying prayers and giving thanks many people and politicians will prohibit,
Soon enough in their life and their soul, the Devil will be staying for a visit.

Some people are opened to stealing, violence and all sexual activity,
To others they have no pride or honor or any sensibility,
The closing words and text in the book of life is very truthful and explicit,
You knew the Devil, you saw the Devil, then you allowed him to come for a visit.

Unquestioned obedience to wrongdoing clearly many will act and state,
They believe not in heaven or the soul or hell as the ultimate fate,
Some people’s faith in evil and sin is so very strong and implicit,
They welcome all to join them, as soon the Devil too comes for a visit.

What some do is wrong against morality and ethical belief,
They do only for their own pleasure and their own personal relief,
Sin, wrongdoing and evil some people will elicit,
Soon enough upon their door, the Devil will be knocking for his visit.

Truth and modesty and innocence some will prohibit and prevent,
But, to hate, lies and adultery they will always quickly consent,
Peace and love and caring the Devil will never give or inhibit,
When your find your soul empty, the Devil has stayed for a visit.

Randy L. McClave

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