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Coming Home

Coming home from work I was once nervous and worried
Would my spouse have a reason to argue or to complain,
Or would she be hungry or tired, so would she just be hateful?
Maybe again she would be mean because it had begun to snow or rain.
I was once used and neglected at the place that was my home
The only peace and quietness I had was when my wife was asleep,
Then came the day when I had arrived home, my wife she was gone
Our marriage vows and promises of love, to me she did not want to keep.
Once I hurried home to my best friend who I had loved and adored
I wanted to hurry home to spend time with my love, my wife,
I needed and wanted to be next to someone who I truly loved
And I wanted the person to love me for whom I am, for the rest of my life.
Now when I come home I am excited to enter into my house
I now hurry home to be with my best friend, my pet
She is always excited and happy to see me when I arrive through the door
And she is never hungry or tired, nor at me is she ever angry, moody or upset.

Randy L. McClave

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