Coming Of Age

Those years
Have neared their end
A lot has passed through
Just as I expected
Yet some of it
Still all rumours
Too much has been felt
So much has been dealt with
Tried so hard sometimes
And then there were days
Couldn’t care less
What felt so right
And so coveted
Was probably not something
That had to be awaited

The zest the zeal
Hope it stays
Though the confusion
Like a shadow
Along the turns
At times
Still lingers on
There’s been a need
A hunger
For something that’s still
Faceless shapeless
It’s in my hands now
I feel its contours
But I ……

At times the anger the tears
That came so quickly
So unprovoked
Unsure of the cause
The defense
Sometimes rage sometimes silence
Words were fired
Through eyes that hid
Behind a mask
Has it been peeled off?

The heat the cold
Flickering transient
The yellow the blue
So eager so keen
Should have been enough no?
The glamour the sheen
Oh mirror oh mirror
The tremble, the sweat
Did they see?
Did they see?

My hand in his
His face so close
My eyes on him
My heart so fast
His hand in her hair
Seated so near
Eyes turned off
My heart still fast

The ideas
So surely formed
Guarded tenderly fiercely
No man no god
Dare approach
Dare challenge
My stance
Almost eager
The fortress
The peak
I stand there
Forever yes

The river approaching the sea
May gladly blend in
But time and again
The waves will rise
And look back
Before its own weight
Pulls it down into the sea
It had run into
Years and years back
I will leave it thus

by Richa Ans

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wow! touchy and finely penned! and welcome to the poemhunter! 10+