(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Coming Of Age(For Auntie Nellie)

My Aunt & her friends
are wondering (but not
for long) where I’ve gone.

They drink
their bitter lemon
amid the bitter gossip
of their pub’s sawdust & chatter.

I am hidden under
their noses

under their table

masked by the theatrical

amidst a forest
of female legs

that cross





come together

in a language of their own.

This is the one time
they can escape

the chores & drudgery
of their all consuming farms.

Knees dimple
& wink

thighs get scratched

get stroked

as they think & talk

stockings get adjusted

slips & petticoats

get smoothed.

I play with my toy
a tiny dinky car

(vivid scarlet)

& try to ignore

the lightning flash of knickers

& the white thunder of thighs.

My eyes glowing with wonder

as I leave childish
things aside.

The dinky lies forgotten

as I emerge

bright eyed


into their grown up

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Comments (1)

Just like the tiny car...I am flashing SCARLETT, but I like the change from boy to man that you show...it has to happen sometime, doesn't it. Dimpled knees twinkling at you...