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Coming Out
DA (15-11-1991 / Newcastle Upon Tyne - England.)

Coming Out

Poem By Daniel Adams

Coming out is really scary.
The hardest thing I've had to do.
The biggest thing I've ever said,
And I entrusted telling you.

You were gutted, expected that though.
Even though I'd expected you to show
A little support through that scary time,
I'd have more support from a lemon and lime.

Felt like I was against the tide,
Hoping you'd come with arms open wide.
Bring me into your warm embrace,
I've still not forgotten the shame on your face.

You spoke to me so sharp and cool,
Oh how naive and such a fool,
I was in thinking that you would be ok and smile,
I didn't see you smiling again for a long long while.

You thought you'd failed me by bringing me up alone,
Don't blame yourself, you'd never have known.
You didn't fail me, you've done me good.
I'm happy, be proud; Because you should.

But Mum I'll say this, I'm Daniel and I'm gay.
I hope you'll understand that I'm staying this way.

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Comments (2)

Fantastic! Although your Mum may have been shocked at first, she will realise she has a fantastic kind hearted son. This poem really 'touched' me. I wish I had your guts. I have only come out to a very few select friends and a couple of family members. Well done mate! ! [for having the courage that I should have]
God bless you, Daniel! This was a poem written out of hurt, but it expresses a lot of courage. A person cannot live pretending to be something he's not. And sometimes the confessions shake up loved ones. You will find friends out there who will encourage you to be a good human being whoever you are! ! !